Shotcrete admixtures factory

Shotcrete admixtures manufacture used in the tunnel,it is good market in Pakistan. Pakistan Shotcrete admixtures manufacture from Xuzhou Giant building materials Co.,Ltd. Giant Concrete Admixtures a leading manufacturer of concrete admixtures in China,was established in 1998 in Xuzhou China. It is specialized in concrete admixture research, manufacturing, and distribution. Our company has five manufacturing locations in China and produces over 60 types products, including high range water reducers, accelerators, retarders, anti-freezing products, coatings, adhesives/glues, water-proofing materials etc. Giant Concrete Admixtures are widely used in industrial and civil engineering, public infrastructure, hydroelectric engineering, and concrete ready-mix products. Giant Concrete Admixtures products have been used in many national projects. Giant Concrete Admixtures ┬ácan provides professional services of technology know-how transfer of concrete admixtures, including process, design, manufacturing, application, and management know how.  

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