Sodium Gluconate Industry Grade

Sodium gluconate Sodium Gluconate SG 98% / 99% In Concrete / Textile / Food Sodium gluconate price Name: Sodium Gluconate CAS No.:527-07-2 H.S. Code: 29181600 Synonyms: D-Gluconic acid sodium salt; Natriumgluconat (De); gluconato de sodio (Es); gluconate de sodium (Fr); SG Molecular Formula: C6H11NaO7 Molecular Weight: 218.14 Sodium gluconate is sodium salt of gluconic acid that is produced by the fermentation of glucose, it is soluble in water, non corrosive, non toxic, biodegradable. It does not cause pollution to the environment. Our Services 1.  Supply the best quality for every clients as per their request. 2.  Focus on service before sales and after sales, giving full informations for customer. 3.  Delivery on timely. 4.  Fully committed to the principal of responsibility 5.  Safety, Health and Environmental protection responsibility. 6.  Considering long-term partner relationship instead of buing and selling. Main market America, Canada, Bolivia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Salvador; Korea, Russia, Ukraine UAE, Iran, Iraq, Yemen South Africa, Benin, Senegal China Giant Concrete Admixtures and Concrete Additive Types as Follows: Type A—Water-reducing admixtures & additive, Type B—Retarding admixtures & additive, Type C—Accelerating admixtures & additive, Type D—Water-reducing and retarding admixtures & additive, Type E—Water-reducing and accelerating admixtures & additive, Type F—Water-reducing, high range admixtures & additive, Type G—Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive. Type H—High range water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive. Type I—High range retarding admixtures & additive TypeJ—Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive. TypeK—China Giant concrete admixtures Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive. TypeL—China manufacture Water-reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures & additive. China Giant concrete admixtures Sodium gluconate is for high water reducing complies with the requirements of the following standards: ASTM C 494, Type E & F. BS EN 934-2.2.technical cooperation services on heatless and automatic system for export to Sudan,Pakistan,Africa,middle east,Brazil,South Africa,Mexico,Angola,Algeria,Morocco,UAE,ect.

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