Sodium Ligninsulfonate

Sodium Ligninsulfonate, Sodium Ligninsulfonate, Product Description Product Name: Sodium ligninsulfonate Giant Concrete admixtures  additive Sodium ligninsulfonate (MN) is a plant extract from the pulping proces, after the reforming reaction is concentrated and spray drying. Product as a light yellow (or brown) powder, 100% soluble in water, chemically stable, long-term sealed storage does not decompose. Our Sodium Ligninsulfonate Secllections has MN-1, MN-2, MN-3 Lignin products is a surface active agent, can be produced by modifying a plurality of products, process, and other complex methods, mainly used for the resin, rubber, dyes, pesticides, ceramics, cement, asphalt, feed, water, water coal slurry, concrete, refractories, oil drilling, compound fertilizer, smelting, casting, adhesive. Through experiments show that lignosulfonate prevent sand soils is very effective, you can also do the desert sand fixing agent. Packaging & Shipping Woven bag:25KGS per Bag Our Services 1.Attentions: Concrete test must be carried out before utilization. polycarboxylate based superplasticizer slump retention and water reducing admixture are forbidden to be mixed with naphthalene superplasticizers.  China Giant Concrete admixtures  additive can provide the technical guidance for the on-site builder constructors for our products. price ,stable quality