Sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde (SNF)

Best Grade Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate SNF Powder 1.High water reduce ratio, can be reach 15%-30%, can improve strength for differentdays. 2. Reduce cement 10%-20% compare without using this products. 3. Has good adaption to silica cement,normal silica cement, slag cement, ply ashcement. 4. This product can significantly impore the freeze thaw resistance of concrete, resistance to permeability, sulfate attack, and oveal improving the other physical properties. 5. Has low alkali content, the increase of Na 2 O is lower than 1kg for 1m 3 concrete(cemetalize materila abround 400kg) 6. Mix with Amino-sulfate superplasticizer and alplatic hydroxy superplastiocizer would have good function water reduce and plastic.     Recommended Range of Dosage: Normal dosage is 0.5%-1.2% and 0.75% is cormfortable.You can make best doage by test.

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